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iQore celebrates one year in business

This week iQore celebrates one year in business!

August 19th 2013 was the starting point of iQore ,when Martin Larsson did his first day as an iQore:ian. One year later Martin has 11 colleagues, and we are happy to conclude that our specialized embedded professionals have had the pleasure of  helping seven customers in the region with yummy embedded assignments.

And we know our stuff, we create our working conditions and we know where we are heading. See you there!

We are iQore

Johannes Kjällquist @ iQore

Starting last Friday, Johannes Kjällquist joined iQore!

Johannes has 11 years in the embedded industry, with telecom and automotive experience, and a strong personal network reaching all the way back to his LTH years. He joins us from Alten.

With his positive personality Johannes is more than welcome to the group!