We are in Qore engineering. If it is embedded, it is yummy. Who we are? Well, thanks for asking! We are a team of highly motivated and specialized embedded professionals, helping clients in all sorts of assignments. We believe that in order to reach excellence you need Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. And we know our stuff, we create our working conditions and we know where we are heading. See you there!


in Qore engineering- the History

In the beginning there was Martin. And this was in August 2013. He was shortly joined by Jenny, and then Elin joined the group, and so it has continued, organically, with one skilled embedded professional at the time, each with his or her own speciality and personal touch, but all somewhere within the embedded box, spanning from low level barebone programmers, up to touching the application domain, and often with a strong core within Linux User space programming.

Since the start we have had the pleasure of delivering our services to 25 different customer companies, and we continue our journey of finding the next big thing for each one of us, and adding one colleague at the time when we find the right person.


in Qore engineering – part of QGroup

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