Annwesh in action

Starting today is Annwesh Mukherjee.

Originally from India, Annwesh has been working in this region the last 11 years. He has a C background, and is genuine agile experience, he is today a skilled scrum master. Annwesh joins us from Ericsson.

Welcome to the iQore family!

Ydström, the second Johan

Starting today Johan Ydström joins iQore!

With his 26 years in the business Johan has been around since the NMT days. Besides being around for a while, he also spends time in nature taking fabulous pictures or taking in the view a bit faster from his mountain bike.

Welcome to us and we are happy to see you as a part of the team:


Say hello to Arvid, the QT expert

Starting today is Arvid Nilsson!
With his background from Technical Physics at LTH, Arvid has spent his career becoming a name globally within Webkit and QT, mixing his Skåne experience with a couple of years in Toronto. He joins iQore from Blackberry and we are happy to find him in our family now!

With his positive and humble personality he will fit right in, and deliver to another happy customer!


Ain´t no mountain high enough…

Starting today is Hanna Winberg.
15 years ago she took her Masters in Science in Linköping, and has since worked as an embedded developer with a strong red thread within local connectivity in the Stockholm area. Before she realized Skåne is the place to be, she worked at Transmode Systems, and now we at iQore are proud to call her one of us!

As a mountainbike instructor there ain´t no mountain high enough to keep Hanna from getting to you, at least not in Skåne:-)
Welcome Hanna!

Arenlind- need I say more?

Yes, it´s true! Starting today, the world famous table hockey player Martin Arenlind joins iQore.

Besides his table hockey career, Martin has also made a name for him self in both the telco and the consulting community, where he has spent the last 15 years in different embedded related assignments.

This quality oriented teamplayer is warmly welcomed into the iQore family!

A happy start on a new year!

Mr Andersson I presume

Starting today Fredrik Andersson joins iQore!

Mr Andersson is a hardcore embedded developer with a strong med-tech background. With 13 years in the industry, working on both sides of Öresund, Fredrik has has a genuine track record from where he has been biking around, and we are happy that he has chosen to pedal along to join us from his previous employer Prevas. We are proud to add another skilled member to our group!

And in the words of Morpheus: Welcome to the real world!

iQore celebrates one year in business

This week iQore celebrates one year in business!

August 19th 2013 was the starting point of iQore ,when Martin Larsson did his first day as an iQore:ian. One year later Martin has 11 colleagues, and we are happy to conclude that our specialized embedded professionals have had the pleasure of  helping seven customers in the region with yummy embedded assignments.

And we know our stuff, we create our working conditions and we know where we are heading. See you there!

We are iQore

Johannes Kjällquist @ iQore

Starting last Friday, Johannes Kjällquist joined iQore!

Johannes has 11 years in the embedded industry, with telecom and automotive experience, and a strong personal network reaching all the way back to his LTH years. He joins us from Alten.

With his positive personality Johannes is more than welcome to the group!

Franz with a Z.

Starting today at iQore is Franz Levin!

With 8 years in the embedded industry, based on his Masters degree from LTH, Franz is now ready for consulting for a new generation. Franz is an embedded software engineer, with a strong telecom background. He joins us from Purple Scout.

We are happy to welcome Franz, and realizes that yet another embedded developer who also is a strong runner has joined the mix…

Girl Power!

Starting today, our very own Embedded Spice  – Anneli Lundblom, joins iQore!

With a background from LTH, followed by 11 years in the embedded industry, Anneli will feel right at home with the rest of us nerds:-)

Anneli joins us from Assa Abloy, and it is with a warm welcome we celebrate this day!